French Clay Bath Soak

Moon Bath Botanicals

$ 16.00


This bath soak is made with French green clay, a clay known for it's abilities to draw out toxins from the body. Dead Sea salts and French grey salts are packed with nutrients that soften your skin. Organic cypress and eucalyptus essential oils aid in detoxification. The white sage powder cleanses the negativity from your space.


Each full moon gives us a night to reflect and let go of the past. This bath soak mirrors that symbolism with it's detoxifying essential oil blend of eucalyptus and cypress, French green and bentonite clays, and high quality sea salts. The tree from which cypress essential oil is made, is a symbol for the regeneration of the soul. White sage has been used for hundreds of years as a method to cleanse negativity from the air and space. This bath soak allows you to sit, reflect, detox, and let go. 


dead sea salt, illite (french green) clay, french grey salt, bentonite clay, *salvia apiana (white sage) powder, *cupressus sempervirens (cypress) oil, *eucalyptus globulus oil
*certified organic


while seated in tub, pour in desired amount of soak.  Swirl the water with your fingers to release the powerful aromatherapy


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