Fox Medicine Kit

Moon Bath Botanicals

$ 24.00


A collection of Fox products in a reusable handmade, hand-printed cloth bag


The fox is swift, elusive, and pensive. The fox reminds you to analyze your surroundings and make your moves in the most strategic way possible. Rely on the knowledge you have gained from listening to your intuition. Move through life with beauty, grace, and quiet confidence.


Wild Rose Lip Balm (.5 oz.) This balm keeps your lips moisturized with all natural, organic ingredients. The tint of the lip balm comes from coconut oil that has been infused with alkanet root. This balm is lightly scented with the essential oils of rose and eucalyptus. 

Wild Rose Lip Exfoliator (.5 oz.) A blend of organic cane sugar, moisturizing oils, and shea butter. An all natural way to exfoliate your lips or remove your lipstick. This product removes dead skin cells and replenishes moisture with one use.

Hibiscus Flower Face Mask (2 oz.) A mask developed to help balance combination skin. Hibiscus flower powder is rich in antioxidants and aids in toning and firming skin. Dehydrated coconut milk will moisturize your skin, and rhassoul clay will cleanse and refresh your pores. The essential oils of rose and patchouli are found in many skincare recipes to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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