Hamsa Floating Succulent Wreath 3”W x 6”L

Moon Bath Botanicals

$ 20.00


A floating succulent wreath made with a steel frame, a living succulent, moss, glass beads, and a hamsa charm.

Hang this wreath in your home to promote the energies of the hamsa.  The hamsa is said to protect you from the evil eye and promote happiness, luck, and good fortune.

INSIDE CARE: Hang in a spot where the front of the wreath receives direct sunlight. Overwinter indoors when temperatures drop below 40*F.

OUTDOOR CARE: Hang in a spot where the wreath receives 4-6 hours of sunlight. In warmer climates more shade can be tolerated when temperatures reach above 85*F.

 WATER: Fill a pan with 1 inch of water and let the back of the wreath sit in the water for at least an hour or until the pan is dry. Water at least once a month, or when the moss becomes dry.

Wreath is handmade and homegrown in Charleston, SC

Comes boxed with crinkle paper with a care guide and watering pan

Lasts for at least a year or longer if given proper care


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