Raven Ritual Kit

Moon Bath Botanicals

$ 18.00
$ 18.00


This set includes a peace herbal smudge stick, a book of matches, an amazonite gemstone, and a raven ritual meditation balm.  Set comes in a reusable flip-top tin.

Raven Ritual Meditation Balm: A balm used for meditation and other divination tasks. Raven medicine allows you to delve into the darkness to discover an alternate state of consciousness. The Raven carries your intention, message, and thoughts through the void by way of magic. Raven medicine allows you to find the power within and bring it to light.  

Amazonite Gemstone: Promotes a calming effect, helps with mood swings, and helps relieve grief. A beneficial stone for the throat and heart chakras.

Peace Smudge Stick: The herbs in this smudge stick are blended together to create an alchemic formula that increase the power of peace.


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